Body Treatment

Silky Skin Body Exfoliation

The first step of the body treatment is to clean deeply, eliminate the aged keratin, dirt and sebum from your skin while promoting lymph node detoxification, leaving your dry skin smooth, soft, and supple.
45min – RMB 250

Classic Earth-Aroma Essence Body Scrub

All skin types, suitable for both men and women.
Combining juniper, stout camphor, lavender, and orange essence, this body scrub relieves negative energy of the body, and at the same time, it activates skin metabolism, achieves detox and cleansing results, unclogs skin pores, while also refining skin texture and giving your skin a youthful and glowing look.

45min – RMB 320

Mediterranean Sweet and Savory Body Scrub

This treatment features natural essence extracted from brown sugar, sea salt, QI-Marine ingredients, as well as effective relaxing agents such as lotus extracts and citrus products (lemon, tangerine, grapefruits, lemon seeds). This body scrub treatment is particularly effective in easing muscle tension and exhaustion, achieving relaxation for body and soul, hence also helping you feel rejuvenated as well as the sense of joy and purity.

45min – RMB 400

Water Lily Soothing Body Wrap

Immediately calm your sensitive sun-damaged skin with this cooling, hydrating, desensitizing and soothing body wrap. This treatment contains water lily, green tea, and chamomile that gently comfort your skin’s burning and stinging sensation. For all skin type, especially after sun exposure or laser treatment.

45min – RMB 600

Micronized Marine Algae Body Wrap (Detoxifying)

The ultimate combination of marine vitamins and minerals makes this treatment a powerful immune system booster. Your skin is deeply polished then cocooned in a comforting algae poultice. This treatment promotes detoxification, assists in the reduction of fatty deposits (cellulite) and leaves you with an overall feeling of sanctified bliss.
60min – RMB 750

Ancient Chinese Nourishing Body Mask

Designed as a gentle treatment for almost all skin types, this body mask features products that are believed to be effective anti-aging and nourishing agents according to the principles of ancient Chinese medicines. Featuring extracts from sandalwood, iris, and jasmine, this treatment is also effective in deep hydration, leaving your skin silky smooth.

60min – RMB 600


Application area : below neck until hip area.
Combination of natural ocean and aroma therapy promotes the actives circulation system and
new metabolism to eliminate old mineral, purify skin, reduce pore blocking and breeding of acne
scar. Treatment will help lightening up skin tone, deep cleansing, supplying skin moisture,
keeping the skin bright and clean, giving you a “sexy shoulder” and “attractive back”.

50min – RMB 680

Precious Milk Bath

Milky aroma effervescent bath, used during the height of Egyptians by Cleopatra to pamper her body, this bath effectively restructures the sebum film, enhances moisture, and deepens nourishment, thereby soothing both the body and mind as well as empowering them to resist the stress of the modern life.

30min – RMB 120

Special Thalasso Bath (Marine Algae)

Offers your body a real thalasso therapy bath. Rich in seaweeds and full of trace element minerals, this therapy recharges the body and offers a real moment of relaxation.

30min – RMB 120